Tennis Lessons

Class Descriptions:

Pee Wee 

A fun environment for your child’s first experience on a tennis court. Basic movement and hand-eye coordination skills will be introduced as well as basic skills teaching children how to send and receive a ball with their hands and tennis racquet. Emphasis is placed on fun and teamwork.

Red or Foam Balls on 36’ Court

Beginner I

The program continues with developing general motor and athletic skills. The main focus is on coordination training, balance, movement skills as well as sending and receiving skills. Children will learn basics of forehand, backhand and volley and initial progressions of service motion. These skills will provide them with a solid foundation to their tennis development.

Beginner II 

In this program we will focus on coordination, balance and motor skill development with an emphasis on self and partner rallying skills. Children will learn how to initiate a rally, move and judge the ball as well as racquet control skills that will continue to enhance their tennis game. At this level children will learn a basic serve.

Advanced Beginner

Children will learn the basics of tactical play as they transition to full court. Recognition, anticipation and early preparation will be emphasized at this level. The children will be introduced to topspin, serves and returns and point play.


Ball control exercises that enhance consistency, direction, depth and spin will be the highlight of this level. Children will be trained using dead ball drills, live ball drills and competitive play situations to refine their technical and tactical skills. Students will be encouraged to begin match and tournament play.

A Level

Player must be 3.5 or better.

Junior Excellence

Includes current tournament players, beginner tournament players or aspiring high school players.

Jr. USTA:  Practice for juniors who play USTA matches.

Tournament Training

This program is designed for the serious competitive student and must be intermediate/advanced junior USTA tournament players and JV level high school players. Discipline and hard work are stressed while concentrating on match play and strategy. Instruction includes on-court technique, footwork and conditioning.

High School Elite - By invitation only.  Exclusive program for competitive high school players at the JV and Varsity level.  Please contact Nancy, the TRC Academy Lesson Coordinator to register for classes.

NOTE:Pro-ration/make-up Policy: Instructors do not pro-rate programs unless student is signing up for group lesson after class has begun. 
MAKE-UP CLASSES:  We will hold only one make-up class at the end of each session, which will be listed on our website under "make-up classes".  After which make-ups are not guaranteed
REFUNDS are given when extreme conditions exist.